Friday, January 07, 2005

Mutt-American and Proud of it!

I am PROUD to be Mutt-American!! My father is Irish and American Indian. My mother is Rusian Arminian. So, what am I? Am I Irish-American, Native Indian, Rusian-American, Arminian-American?? No, No, I am Mutt-American!! A symbol of the great melting pot, where American values are unique in the world and where the success of our republic shines across the world leading other nations to dream of freedom and a better life.

Sometimes, however I feel a little left out when people begin to talk about ther heretage as if it is superior, or superceeds, their American heretage. American history has been diluted into excessive focus upon "multiculturalism", to the detriment of our true beginnings. I am tired of it, and simply want to see people be proud of being an American, a Mutt-American.

I am sure many of you have a story to share, and to tell us why you are a Mutt-American. Let us hear from you, tell us why you are PROUD to be MUTT-AMERICAN! Give us your story, and we will listen with our hearts, sharing your personal Mutt-American experience.